You Should Be With Us Release Expressing What We Felt EP

You Should Be With Us

You Should Be With Us, the newest melodic hardcore outfit from Cleveland, Ohio released an EP, “Expressing What We Felt”, on July 29th through Delayed Gratification Records and New Morality Zine.

As accomplished artists in other mediums, the members of You Should Be With Us wanted a new project to help them collaborate in a way that would give them freedom to “add beauty to the world through audio and visual means.” The band is heavily influenced by bands coming out of the Revolution Summer movement like Embrace, Rites of Spring, and Dag Nasty. With intentions to do good, the band has played a handful of shows and eagerly encourages everyone to attend every local show they can.

“Especially these days the world can seem very bleak..” says singer Andrew Albrecht, “but with punk music and being involved in hardcore I’ve been introduced to wild settings and people from all walks of life that have helped me to look for the beauty in everything.”

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