WACO Tease New Album With Video For Barry Gibb Was My Landlord

Photo by Greg C. Holland

WACO tease a Rock Spirit Absolute LP with a new single and video for Barry Gibb Was My Landlords. You can read more about their upcoming album and check the video below. Pre-order the album HERE

Consistently pushing the boundaries of punk as genre, Rock Spirit Absolute Joy sees WACO taking their “nothing is off the table” approach to genre experimentation from previous album Hope Rituals to another galaxy.

“We channelled all the things that we love about each other and love about rock music in this album,” explains frontman Jak Hutchcraft. “The album title, Rock Spirit Absolute Joy, is a good indicator of where our heads were at. We got the title from one of our fans, Mary, who had written those four words in the comments section of one of our music videos. It hit us like a ton of bricks. She’d bookended the phrase with lightning bolt emojis and it resonated with us in ways that I don’t think she anticipated. With that in mind, we then wrote these ten songs to celebrate life, communicate our emotions and be true to those four words and everything they meant.”

“Ultimately though, we wrote this album to further commemorate our beloved late bassist Chris Cowley and process our grief. He was all about rock, spirit and absolute joy. Chris, if you’re reading this, I hope we did you proud.”

Over the past 24 months the band continually defied the pandemic’s pitfalls and rounded out 2021 on a bumper string of live dates with Wife Swap USA, The Wildhearts, Snake Eyes and more. Winning over fans at any festival or support slot thanks to their diverse sound, WACO are time and time again proving just what a dedicated, indomitable, and hardworking force for good they are on the UK punk circuit. 

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