Headcage Unleashed Captivating Debut Single


Newcastle post-hardcore headcage share their infectious single ‘side by side’. headcage encapsulates two years of meticulous process, blending colossal, riff driven instrumentation with fiercely melodic and incredibly vulnerable vocal crooning. headcage proudly display their adoration of the hard rock/alternative scene with a truly authentic representation of themselves as musicians and people. 

With heartfelt and assuring social commentary, ‘side by side’ culminates the sense of cruising rhythm with oncoming jagged guitar and melody. Lyrically the song is inspired self-reflection. The band hope to shine a light on the struggles of anxiety letting their audience know that they aren’t alone

Detailing their brand-new effort, the band explained: We make this music because we all love it. To us there’s nothing better in this world than loud, aggressive rock music and we’re incredibly happy we’ve found the people and the space to make it.

Taking inspiration from noughties rock icons such as Fightstar, Breaking Benjamin, Underoath. headcage are well on their way to gaining legend status themselves as they have been gaining considerable attention around the Newcastle scene and beyond. 

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