Laces Out Release Roger Podacter EP Via Nefarious Industries

Laces Out

LACES OUT sounds like licking dirt with tiny granules of sugar scattered throughout. Hailing from Orange County, New York, the band features members of Warwick-based post-punk quintet Pigeon, as well as acts Mandark, Veneer, and others. Drummer Steve Delucia and guitarist Ed Ciarfella have been playing together in various projects for nearly twenty years. Longtime friend and local scene veteran Ray Wasnieski joined the duo in Pigeon and continued onward with them in LACES OUT.

Dynamics and angular progression drive their sound, which is heavily influenced by noise from the ’90s. Listeners can expect to hear elements of Fugazi, Unwound, At The Drive In, Jesus Lizard, Pissed Jeans, BVS, Young Widows, Drive Like Jehu, and Nirvana from their songs.

The band’s first material since 2017, Roger Podacter was recorded by LACES OUT and Jeff Rendano at Boomstick Recording, Monroe, New York, engineered and mixed by Rendano. The tracks were mastered by Eric Castillo and the EP was completed with artwork by Joe Kelley.

Ciarfella states, “Been writing and recording these songs for the past three years and been a band for close to ten. So many influences, ideas, and riffs. This set of songs is a perfect taste of what’s to come in the LP! We absolutely love making music together and couldn’t be more pumped to share it!”

Nefarious Industries have released Roger Podacter yesterday, digitally and in a run of 100 cassettes. Preorders are available at the label webshop HERE.

The LACES OUT crew has been writing steadily throughout the pandemic and the new EP is just the tip of the iceberg. The band will issue a full-length LP through Nefarious Industries in the months ahead among other sporadic singles and releases.

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