SHIIVA Release New Track

Photo by Georgia Rawson

Antelope Valley, CA – Hardcore Punk Rock band SHIIVA has announced the release of their new single “Cyclone”, out today on all platforms. The song is off the band’s upcoming EP “Cyclone” out on August 12th via Wiretap Records on Digital / and Cyclone 12” Compilation LP later this year via Wiretap / Another City Records.

Vocalist Brillo Ward says of the track: “Resonating from the full construct of gender neutrality, The new single Cyclone provides the not so common idea of what it means to be a human being, trapped in between masculinity and femininity as well as what it means to be labeled too macho or too soft. With its flammable fast rhythmic hardcore punk instrumentals, Cyclone demonstrates the significance of burning down old traditional Gender Perspectives and barriers, and replacing them with the true age of freedom of expression that everyone should be guaranteed. It’s time to let the past die.”

SHIIVA is a hardcore punk band from Lancaster, California formed in 2020 out of current & former members of local bands ( Life for a Life, The Downsides, Captain Smooth Talk & All Eyez ) the band isinspired by their surroundings as well as 90s punk &80s hardcore. Formed in January 2020 SHIIVA recorded and self released their debut EP GROOV(E). Upon release the band began periodically releasingmusic videos for songs like H(A)PPY, GROOV(E) & STOMP which cultivated them a local buzzwhile livemusic went away. In 2021 the band recruited drummer Jimmy of Los Mangos as live music had slowly returned the band started playing all over California gaining a rep for their brief, chaotic, fun filled performances.

SHIIVA ended 2021 by releasing “Night After Night” which featured two new versions oftheir song NIGHTS from GROOV(E). Going into 2022 the band received some positive press as Punk Black featured them on their “Bands to watch in 2022” as well as Discovered Magazine featuring them on their “Class of 2021”. In February 2022 the group announced their signing with Los Angeles based Wiretap Records as they prepare to release a new EP “Cyclone” to follow up their debut EP GROOV(E). The new EP “Cyclone” is out August 12th via Wiretap Records on Digital / and 12” LP later this year via Wiretap / Another City Records.






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