Listen To Jimmy Eat Shit By Egg Drop Soup

Egg Drop Soup
Photo by Meriel O’Connell

The swirling uncertainty permeating our daily mortality is captured in the ever-shifting surf-punk of Egg Drop Soup’s new single, “Jimmy Eat Shit” which is out today as part of Suicide Squeeze’s Pinks & Purples singles series (also The Shivas, cumgirl8, Death Valley Girls). Following previous tips from Kerrang and Bass Magazine, the latest cut from the Los Angeles-based trio is energized and blistering at a surface-listen but beneath the charged energy is a tale of continual misfortune. Listen to “Jimmy Eat Shit” via all platforms HERE

Sammy Westervelt (bass and lead vocals) wrote the single ahead of 2020’s quarantine. Healing from a concussion, Westervelt was warned of the dire and deadly consequences that could come with a second head injury. It was at that same time that she saw a tragic story on the news of a former high school classmate involved in a head-on collision. “For the first time in my life as a musician, I was experiencing sobriety (to heal from my concussion) and I couldn’t self-medicate out of the sadness and fear I was experiencing around these different things. I channeled that into the song and it kinda morphed into an examination of the perception of reality, media, and self in society,” she said.

Joined by bandmates Olivia Saperstein (guitar and backing vocals) and Bailey Chapman (drums), the trio drops you into the whirring and conflicting emotions of “Jimmy Eat Shit.” With its unrestrained guitar breakdown, thick bass, and accelerated percussion, “Jimmy Eat Shit” is panicked and forceful, bracing you for what’s next, even as that future remains so unknown.

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