Interview: Faded Shades

Faded Shades

Hailing from Kent, Faded Shades is an alternative rock trio consisting of Joe (singer/songwriter/guitarist), Liam (bass), and Charlie (drums). The band recently released a new single, Waiting For Tomorrow, so Andrew of Rogue PR spoke with the band about it.

When did you realize that your project/band had the potential to be a career or long-lasting idea?

Faded Shades first felt like a career prospect after we released our first album It Gets Heavy and it was received very well. What had started as a bedroom hobby all of a sudden had a global audience and the feeling that it was the start of something amazing was overwhelming and quite addictive. We’ve been growing ever since. 

When did the first glimpses of your latest release come together?

Waiting On Tomorrow started life as a character insight for a short film in which I played the lead (and only) role. I had to assume the part of an anxious man waiting for a knock at the front door and display uneasiness without dialog. The song was influenced musically by listening to lots of Tom Petty and just jammed out from there. 

What really inspires your music?

I think it’s best to seek inspiration from everything. Even seeing bad music do well should be an inspiration because if they’re doing it why shouldn’t you be? It’s also nice to be inspired by new artists who are really killing it. A few favourite new releases at the moment are the K’s Hometown, Kula Shaker Love in Separation and Liam Gallaghers new album! 

Can you tell us a bit about the lyrical process for a song? How does it normally work?

I normally record myself jamming a new song on an acoustic guitar whilst letting the lyrics and melody come out as a stream of consciousness. I find it easier to write poems and then adapt them into a melody or sometimes the lyrics are taken directly from the recordings. A mix of the two normally ends in a natural balance between what you want to say and also what you’ve got going on subconsciously. It’s hardest to just sit and write, you need to be in a glossy mood and few beers never harmed. 

What’s the most rewarding moment in your creative process as a band, and why?

I love hearing the song come to life in the studio. I can normally hear a finished song in my head straight after it’s written, and the process of turning an imagined sound into a tangible song that others can hear is amazing. It’s a bit like translating another language, some parts get lost in translation and other parts evolve through it. I will never tire of recording original music, it’s magical. 

Faded Shades

Who produces your music, and what are they like to work with? (If you produce the music yourself, what do you love the most about working that way?)

Mat Leppanen produces our most recent work and he is a fantastic laugh to work with. Everyone is very at ease and the whole process is very efficient and fruitful. A personal highlight is recording using a Kemper amp at Animal Farm’s studio, it can replicate any amp or sound possible and has some other crazy features. 

Can you give us a couple of personal highlights from your live show? Particular memories that stand out to you?

The Spice of Life has been a recent highlight, fantastic energy and the sound engineer is a pleasure to work with, we sounded epic! 

What advice would you give to another upcoming band/act?

As someone who has written, recorded, produced and released an entire album from  a spare bedroom my advise would be do not bother recording anything that isn’t 100% professional. Although I am still very proud of our journey if I had to start again I would just invest all our time and money into very professional singles rather than a DIY album. Go big budget on the single, the music video and the marketing from the moment you decide to try and make music your full time venture and you won’t regret it! 

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