Time, The Valuator Share Video For Black Water

Time, The Valuator
Photo by Quinten Quist

German modern heavy quintet Time, The Valuator are back with new single ‘Black Water’, their first new music since 2019 and also the first release with their new singer Daniel Moczarski. ‘Black Water’ introduces a conceptional journey outlining basic human fears, as a preparation for a deep-dive into the general question “What defines being human?” Stream ‘Black Water’ HERE

Time, The Valuator comment new single: “‘Black Water’ deals with the mental struggles of addiction, especially those which nest invisibly and persistently over decades. Addiction to attention, toxic and dangerous temptations we learned from society and/or violence, traumata which guide us the wrong way and finally the urge to hurt oneself just to satisfy a requirement we wouldn’t know of, if we weren’t conditioned to believe in its existence.”

With songs full of emotion, powerful vocals and infectious groove, Time, The Valuator have risen to become one of the most promising new acts in the modern rock sphere. The German quintet impresses not only with their music but also with their message. In the words of guitarist Rene Möllenbeck, Time, The Valuator strive to create something to be remembered.”

Drawing on elements of progressive metal, alternative rock, djent and pop, Time, The Valuator create a unique sound that pushes genre boundaries and touches emotionally. Their 2018 debut album, How Fleeting, How Fragile (Long Branch Records), received international critical acclaim and singles like ‘Elusive Reasons’, ‘When I Meet Death’ or ‘Vibrant’ have since been streamed millions of times.

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