Femegades Release New Single


If Bikini Kill and The Clash had a lovechild raised by Courtney Love, chances are Femegades would be that kid. Having earned an honorary Riot GRRRL badge with their debut EP ‘Pornsick’, the latest EP offering, ‘Not All Men’, picks up right where they left off.

The first taste of said EP is ‘Speechless’. Two and a half minutes of blistering melodic punk rock that instantly brings to mind bands such as BERRIES or False Advertising, as well as the aforementioned stalwarts of the genre, Bikini Kill, it’s the perfect introduction to those unfamiliar with the band, and the EP itself.

Described by Femegades as being “a short, punk attack on the lazy trope of ‘but not all men’, the song challenges whether anyone hiding behind that phrase is really as squeaky clean as they’d like you to believe.”

Written in collaboration with Gemma Aitchison of Yes Matters UK, the song is an urgent slice of punk rock that couldn’t feel more vital, or more timely given recent articles in the news. And with previous EP Pornsick tackling such vital themes as women subjected to male violence and narratives surrounding consent head-on, it’s a fitting progression for the four-piece, who are using the EP to push both the boundaries, and their ethos, even further, all the while providing a voice to those who might not otherwise have one.

Staying true to their initial approach Femegades supply catchy, clean vocals and melodies with hard-hitting lyrics that are both sensitive to the subject matter and delivered with a sense of optimism. As such, Not All Men proves that the band have no fear when it comes to delving into subjects others won’t touch, channelling them through their unique lens of politicised melodic punk rock.






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