Nouveaux Released New Video


Nouveaux’s second single Odessa Steps showcases their darker side and is a marked departure from the nostalgic dance feel of their first single. The song’s  electronic post-punk sound is reminiscent of Lebanon Hanover and alludes to the band members’ previous works in Spectres. Odessa Steps somber lyrics reflect on the brutal history of the 20th century and is by no means intended to make light of current events. Indeed, any degree to which these events repeat themselves amplifies the song’s messages of the tragic senselessness of ideological violence. The music video for Odessa Steps was filmed and directed by Wayne Moreheart, the song was recorded and produced by Jason Corbett of ACTORS at Jacknife sound.

Though the lyrics of Odessa Steps focus on the Katyn Massacre and Soviet war crimes of the past century, we feel it is necessary to draw attention to the current war and its horrific impact on Ukraine and the City of Odessa. Nouveaux encourages listeners to donate to charities of their choice to assist people facing the horrors of the current war in Ukraine. Any proceeds made by the band directly through the single will be donated to Ukrainian relief funds.

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