ACCVSED Share New Single/Video


Closure deals with the inner struggle at the end of a draining interpersonal relationship. The protagonist is faced with the decision to break away and lose everything in order to regain his own peace of mind. The song represents the necessary conclusion of a period of life, when the protagonist realizes that he has sacrificed himself for far too long in order to fly “closer to the sun” and must therefore save himself, even if loneliness and pain is the price.

The special thing about Closure is the range of inspirations that have flowed into the music, lyrics and video, which is not yet known from the band in this form. The song is different from the three previously released songs In Denial, Relief and Dig and thus expands their sound spectrum with more elements. As one of the most recent songs they´ve written, Closure sets the tone for the future of ACCVSED and suggests where the band is headed. 

Unfiltered, raw despair – this feeling, portrayed through a massive, hard hitting sound, is what creates ACCVSED’s intense and honest energy. Formed in 2021 in Wiesbaden, Germany, the 4-piece group strives to cut through the wide mass of bands and leave a mark on the metalcore scene. Inspired by acts such as Bring Me The Horizon, Architects, Polaris and Northlane, their sound is loaded with the most striking rhythms, unrestrained vocals and heartfelt melodies.

With their forthcoming single ‘Closure’, they once again pushed the boundaries of modern metalcore and continue to surprise. “The dark, enthralling atmosphere we create, sets a mood that lets the audience let their own emotions flow into our music. We aimed to make this one as catchy and grooving as possible and succeeded in making Closure the track that concludes the best elements of ACCVSED’s sound.“ – Valentin Noack







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