We Struck Gold

We Struck Gold Share Video For Momentum Featuring Jay Kucera Of Skywalker; Feel Nothing EP Drops Tomorrow

We Struck Gold

Have you found yourself questioning why we as a social collective conform so effortlessly, what our purpose is, are we in control of our lives or simply floating through the plains of a perceived existence? Are our dreams our own construct, or the design of a different entity. These are the very questions that We Struck Gold have delved into since their last release of To Conquer A Fear // All Life Is Divine. The band has reinvented itself; immersing in the dreamlike state that they found themselves in when asking those very questions. They are the Architects of their own path. Bear witness as their truth unfolds. Visualise it, live it, perceive it.

We Struck Gold release their EP ‘Feel Nothing’ on the 17th June 2022. The EP release is accompanied by new single / video ‘Momentum’ which features Jay Kucera from Skywalker. Over the campaign, the band have already picked up coverage with Rock Sound, Metal Injection, Total Rock Radio, GigRadar, Banks Radio, Pandora, Loudwire, BBC, Deezer, TIDAL, Sonic Perspectives, Dreambound, Idioteq, GigRadar, Moshville Times, and more. The band have built a die-hard fan base through extensive touring across the UK and have surpassed 1,400,000 streams on Spotify alone across previous releases. Following shows with Blood Youth, The Hell, Acres, RXPTRS, Borders and more the band will never give up and continue to go from strength to strength. 

Speaking on focus track ‘Momentum’ vocalist Omar Al-Hinai says – “Momentum is a difficult impetus to build and even harder to hold on to. It’s so easy to fall behind and lose sight of what it is you are striving for. Your goals, desires, they can all be so easily drowned out by outside influence as well as internal factors. The tendency for life to get in your way is ever increasing and is a huge flaw in modern society. This song is a message to myself. It serves as a reminder to not lose sight of what it is I’ve started; to keep my head down and just take one more step. The end is the goal, not the journey. Focus, surround my thoughts with the reasons why I began. For me this is music, this is hardcore. I have become part of a family constructed of strangers who have connected through music on an unexplainable level. You are the decider of your own reality, the path of your existence. Silence the doubt, find what it is that you believe in, immerse yourself in it and persist. Don’t lose momentum.”







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