Rhythm Of My Own Decay LP By The Carolyn Is Out Today

The Carolyn - Rhythm Of My Own Decay LP

Rhythm Of My Own Decay, a brand new full-length release by The Carolyn, is out today via 59 X Records (US) and Gunner Records (EU).

The Carolyn is a three-piece indie punk band based out of Atlanta, GA. Founded in 2016 by vocalist/guitarist Andrew Patrick, the band consists of vocalist/bassist Oliver Vuley – Conlon and drummer David Mulazzi to round out the lineup.

The band released their first EP in 2016 called “Keepsake” and followed up with their first full-length album, “This Will Begin to Make Things Right” in 2019 on 59 X Records. Tracks such as “Heavy Eyes” and “News” were placed on Spotify’s “New Punk Tracks” editorial playlists.

The Carolyn supported the release, playing various cities around the southeast and opening up for the Swingin Utters, Brendan Kelly, Vinnie Caruana, and more.

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