Cycotic Youth Release Video For Cyco Up

Cycotic Youth

Cycotic Youth has recently released a video for Cyco Up. The video announces their highly anticipated full-length release, set for release this summer. You can check out the video below.

1984. Hair Metal was dominating the Sunset Strip and Nancy Reagan was telling the youth to, “Just Say No.” But just 12 miles away a new genre of music was uprising and saying, “Fuck You!” to the establishment. That youthful angst mixed with a charged political climate gave birth to one of the most influential Punk Rock bands in Los Angeles; SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, putting Venice/DOGTOWN/Santa Monica on the map. Cultivated from the Chicano street gang style of dress mixed with surfing and skateboarding, an entire sub-genre was born.  As the popularity of Suicidal Tendencies grew, other bands started to emerge out of Venice as well; EXCEL, BEOWULF, NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH and a band started by two 15- and 16-year-old brothers; CYCOTIC YOUTH.

The Brown brothers; Jason and Jimmy, along with a few other like-minded misfits launched the 13 track self-titled CYCOTIC YOUTH in 1985; hard core punk mixed with a little ghetto metal. The album was the soundtrack for illegally skating abandoned pools and headlining backyard parties. The brothers played with other bands from the neighborhood as well as big names like King Diamond, Death Angel and Cryptic Slaughter, the self-titled pressing did so well underground that they would eventually sell out the world-famous Roxy in 1987, but as with time went on, life started moving the members in different directions and ultimately apart. CYCOTIC YOUTH disbanded in 1988.

Fast Forward 30 + years, on the invitation of a 30th reunion for Los Creepers, the Brown brothers resurrected Cycotic Youth at Café Nella. The band practiced more and had a good time doing it, eventually playing another show with LA band Countime at the Westside Rebellion magazine launch party. The reception was electric, and the brothers decided it was time to keep the momentum going and show this generation what real hard core is.

With a new line up, the band members Jason Brown (vocals), Nick Garcia (guitar), Rob Mikhail (guitar), Mikey Beato (Bass) and Bill “Stillwill” Greenwood (drums) have taken that youthful angst to a polished, solid and undeniably matured faction. The new material is heavy and fast, blended with lyrics written from pain, loss and angry observations of a changing world, CYCOTIC YOUTH has come back to remind everyone where the fuck they came from and to let the people know, they ain’t going nowhere.

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