Listen To Phoenix, Brand New Single By Oyster


Phoenix is the third single released in 2022 by Oyster, with a bass and drums exuding frenzy, the song seeks to give a strong and joyful touch to a lyric that emphasizes resilience in the face of those most unfortunate moments of our lives. It’s that sound that helps to forget about problems, while life hits us, we put a big smile on our faces and make it clear that we will always win: “Still I Rise”.

Oyster is a punk rock band formed in 2021 in Florianópolis, Brazil. The quartet formed by Gui Guedes (bass), Carol Tirloni (vocals), Fernando Baggio (guitar) and Diego Rapoport (drums) has as main references bands such as Bad Cop Bad Cop, Not on Tour, The Interrupters, Bad Religion, Face to Face among others, and found in his own compositions a way to give vent to his truths, aligning speed and energy with a pinch of humor and a critical view of the world around us.







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