No Matter – Shitegeist

No Matter - Shitegeist

After the Drop The Act EP and two lengths, such as Ill Advised and Excess Baggage, the Irish pop-punk quartet No Matter has released new composition. Shitegeist is their third song in a row from a series of singles launched this year and serves as another teaser for Bad Chemistry, their upcoming full-length album.

No Matter explore classic skate punk aesthetics by incorporating only the finest properties of the genre. You’ll immediately notice ear-appealing chord progressions, vividly hearable warm-sounding basslines, and profoundly dynamic rhythmic maneuvers. The lead vocalist provides another layer of harmonies over the top, while the background vocals offer a slightly higher vocal support, probably one octave higher. No Matter mastered the nineties skate punk sound, but they also easily transit into more contemporary punk rock waters in just seconds.

No Matter

The band somehow continuously levitates between the mellowness of pop-punk and tightness of skate punk music, so Shitegeist will apply to your listening apparatus no matter which style you prefer. Also, Shitegeist will be a perfect track for your playlist if you’re looking out for some female/male fronted pop-punk bands who know how to assemble excellent two-minute songs full of catchy melodies and harmonies. Besides all these qualities, Shitegeist possesses perfect song structure, arrangements, accentuations, and all other properties that define the best punk rock tracks. Lyrically, Shitegeist deals with the obsession with fame and celebrity culture. Of course, the band covers this theme in a very humorous manner. The single is available for listening on all streaming services.

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