WIZO Completes The Line-Up Of SBÄM Fest 4


On Saturday (July 30, 2022) fans of cleverly texted catchy punk rock will get their money’s worth, because none other than WIZO will provide the fattest punk party. Bitingly creative, edgy uncompromising, always immensely entertaining and definitely always a live experience! So the great line-up of SBÄM Fest 4 is finally complete.

On July 30 and 31, 2022, more than 30 acts will rock the Tabakfabrik in Linz at Austria’s biggest scene festival! Among them are top-class acts like WIZO, Dropkick Murphys,Pennywise, Descendents, Millencolin, Russkaja, Donots, The Bouncing Souls, No Fun At All and many more. Besides the phenomenal line-up on two stages, we offer the 10.000 to 12.000 visitors even more: Grandiose side-actions will provide unforgettable festival moments and make the SBÄM Fest 4 the perfect meeting point for the local punk scene and everyone who wants to join!

SBÄM Exhibit
From Salvador Dali to Andi Warhol, artists have influenced and shaped the origins of punk. SBÄM also started with Stefan Beham’s designs for tour posters, album covers and band merchandise. As part of SBÄM Exhibit, he explores his roots and brings national and international artists from the punk universe to SBÄM Fest for an art exhibition.

It’s all about art forms that have shaped punk rock beyond music, and SBÄM Exhibit offers the festival audience the opportunity to experience art in their own punk scene right on the spot – from street art to visual art, musicians, who are active in diverse art forms besides creating music, and artists, who shaped Punk Rock with their artistic work in any way.

You can look forward to the following artists and their works: Steve Caballero, Erik Ohlsson (Millencolin), Jason DeVore (Authority Zero), Missfelidae (Lisa Arnberger), A Place For Tom (Thomas Gasperlmair) and SBÄM (Stefan Beham), of course. More infos here!

SBÄM Sports
2022 is all about standing sideways! In cooperation with the local scene and probably the biggest player in the international skate cosmos Vans, we want to bring the close connection between rock and skateboarding to life. Skater of the Century Steve Caballero is among others part of the party and will present his best tricks live. Stay tuned for more updates!

These two areas will be linked together in the finest punk fashion to ensure the best possible fan experience.

As usual at all SBÄM events, there will be a free contingent for people under 18 at SBÄM Fest 4. With this, we want to make sure that the next generation also has access to the punk community. Tickets can be ordered free of charge in our store.

Furthermore, a documentary about the SBÄM brand and the festival is planned, which will be available on various streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime and HBO. Filming will start in Linz in July 2022.

We have a lot planned for 2022: It will be bigger, it will be louder, it will be an absolute must-see! We’re stoked for the summer – are you?

Organizer Stefan Beham about SBÄM Fest 4:
We had to postpone SBÄM Fest 4 a total of four times due to Covid-19 – that was pretty tough and painful each time. All the more, I’m looking forward to finally being able to put all our plans into action in 2022. And we have quite a lot planned: In addition to the great line-up, for which fans are even traveling from Australia, we have come up with two side actions to offer the audience a bit more. My youth hero Steve Caballero will be part of SBÄM Sports and in the context of the SBÄM Exhibit I will present my works together with other artists, with which everything actually started. After the past years at the Alter Schlachthof in Wels, the step to the Tabakfabrik in Linz is of course big, but our community is also getting bigger and bigger and I have the best team to make it all happen. We can’t wait for July!

SBÄM Fest 4

Saturday | July 30, 2022

The Bouncing Souls
A Wilhelm Scream
Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space
Bombshell Rocks
The Venomous Pinks
We Blame The Empire
Roughneck Riot
The Dead Krazukies
The Rumperts
The Von Tramps
Die Partie

Sunday | July 31, 2022

Dropkick Murphys
Mad Caddies
No Fun At All
Authority Zero
Get Dead
Bridge City Sinners
Love Equals Death
Swallow’s Rose
Victory Kid

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