Centershift Release A Different Shade EP

LA alternative group featuring ex-members of OneSideZero and Shuvel take a progressive route on the EP that includes the singles “9” and “My Own World”

Centershift, a rock/alternative group from Onesidezero vocalist/guitarist Jasan Radford, has released their newest EP ‘A Different Shade…’ on streaming platforms today. Radford and the veteran members of Centershift continue to evolve their personal brand of heavy/alternative rock that has been a part of their DNA for over two decades. The band enlisted producer Jim Wirt (Incubus, Hoobastank, Onesidezero) for the EP and tracked at Superior Sound Studios in Cleveland, OH.. The much-praised singles “9” and “My Own World” are included on the effort.

Centershift formed from the creative ambitions of Radford’s Onesidezero, a band that VH1 said released one of the top most underrated Nu Metal albums of the 2000’s. Radford and Onesidezero led an Alternative Rock revolution that spanned a wave of platinum artists and sound that impacted a generation of music. This newest project aims to deliver the thoughts and emotions of his life experience and wisdom, while writing intelligent alternative rock that reminds people that rock is far from dead. The band is rounded out by Ryan Shane Stuber (formerly of Shuvel) on guitar and Ted Wenri (formerly of Bemus) on bass.

“A Different Shade…” Is the first piece of what we as a band went through, either personally or together during the last few years. In a way, we wrote and recorded the trials and accomplishments life threw our way.” – Jasan Radford / Vocals-Guitar

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