The Leaf Have Released New Single

The Leaf
Photo by Edmondo Annoni

“Blackness” is the new single from the Italian band The Leaf, a melancholic song that begins with a wide intro in which the female voice, dark and persuasive, manifests an unbearable loneliness and finally explodes into a cold outburst in which the guitars become sharp.

The single develops on the duality of contrasting feelings, dictated by a difficult and painful separation. An anguish triggered by the need to turn over a new leaf contrasts with the irrepressible desire to retrace one’s steps and shed light on obscure events. “Blackness” tells of a stagnation from which it is difficult to escape: uncertainties fixed in our minds, intertwined with the heartbreaking sensation of loneliness after the end of a failed relationship.

This duality, which accompanies The Leaf throughout their career, results in the coexistence of soft and light sounds and dark and biting rock impulses. After the first moments dominated by nervous drums and a melancholic bass, the song gives way to Gloria Galeno’s soulful voice, now in the foreground. In a crescendo of tension that leads to a liberating outburst, the guitars follow the voice and grow with it, passing from a comforting clean sound to a carpet of distortions that accompanies us to the end.

“Blackness” is the first track taken from their first album “Duplicity, Beings” out on May 20, 2022 which will see the integration of their debut EP “Loop” in which the male voice of guitarist Alessio Manni is central. Compared to the previous EP, the album will be a more complete and exhaustive work in which the concept of duality remains central and is fully explored.

The Leaf was born in 2019 from longtime friends who, after playing in several bands in Italy, finally got together in Milan. The resulting music is an urban based rock played with a wanderlust trait; the love for 90s melodies shapes a rough sound, aggressive yet comforting, alt – rock with no fear of contamination and risk. An ever changing composition out of necessity and earnestness. Initially a power trio, the band lands its fully fledged lineup in 2020 with the entrance of Gloria, her R&B flair giving a fresh new shape to the songs. The Leaf is Gloria Galeno (voice), Alessio Manni (guitars, voice), Luca Margherito (drums)

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