Premiere: Watch Error_2020’s New Video That Indicates Not So Distant Future

Error_2020 - Mars

At the end of 2021, Error_2020 has released the second extended play release named Mars. Today, this interesting music project offers a continuation of their saga, a second single/video in the row. This time, Error_2020 decided to go with the title track. The second video offers colonization of the red planet, the crowd which still wishes upon prizes on Bingo to win a one-way trip to Mars, while the monetary currency acts as a new Messiah on the Earth. The big dollar sign leads humanity into an era of progress but is everything so perfect? The answer lies in the verses of this composition. The video is a creation of Argentinian visual artist Alfie.

Error_2020 - Mars

Mars EP carries over 30 years of musical experience, which all the involved musicians gained by performing in various, well-known bands on the Croatian alternative rock scene. The material offers rock-solid riffs, heavy dosages of distortion, and hypnotizing rhythm section. Mars EP has been also well-received by the local alternative crowd, but sadly, its sound, articulation, and attitude is the rare exception on the contemporary scene.

Error_2020 consists of Jagarinec Hrvoje – Jaga (Kiper, Paruzija, Minus Cway, Garage Monsters) on vocals and bass, Gordan lončar – Gogo (Kain, Anesthesia, Metaljeros) on guitars, Davor Novosel – Daba (Dno., Cherkezi United, Porota, Minus Cway, Vegetable Soup) on guitars, and Silvio Centamore (studio and session musician) on drums.

Mars EP is available digitally via Geenger Records. You can listen to it on all streaming platforms.

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