The Drowns Have Released Second Single Lunatics

The Drowns - Lunatics

Seattle, WA — April 8, 2022 — Fresh off of a short run with NYC punk act Murphy’s Law, THE DROWNS have released the title track and second single from their upcoming EP “Lunatics!” The EP is now available on Pirates Press Records’ webstore.

“Lunatics is a commentary on how the epidemic of homelessness in the United States is viewed by the general public and how a large amount of Americans have a severe lack of empathy towards those in tougher situations than their own,” says frontman and guitarist Aaron Rev.

“Lunatics” is the follow-up to the band’s recently released 7” “Know Who You Are” and their previous full-length “Under Tension.” For “Lunatics,” The Drowns once again got back into the studio with producer Ted Hutt (The Gaslight Anthem, Dropkick Murphys, The Bouncing Souls) to re-capture the magic they created for “Under Tension.”

The band has previously released the song and video for the track “Live Like Yer Dyin” – a soulful tribute to the band’s love for classic rock. “Live Like Yer Dyin” is my love for Little Richard in one song. It gets up and goes, right from the first beat. Pure and simple rock n roll, lightning in a bottle,” says Rev. 

Lunatics” showcases incredible growth in The Drowns’ songwriting – revealing an array of influences the band has not showcased in their prior releases.

“We are huge fans of 50s rock n roll and boogie-woogie, which I think you can hear in our other albums. We also love 70s Glam and Bovver Rock. We always wear our influences on our sleeve, and we really wanted to push that forward with this recording,” adds Rev.

Not only are these influences more prevalent than ever, but the themes in the band’s songs also ring loud and clear.

For example, “Tokyo Red Alert” is based on an audio diary of when the band was caught in Typhoon Hagibis while staying in Tokyo. “She’s The Knife” is a song Rev wrote for his wife after she got off a 12-hour nursing shift and got cat-called on her way home.

The band’s relentless spirit and work ethic couldn’t be broken either. Their LP “Under Tension” was set to propel the band to new heights but the album was released 3 weeks before the pandemic struck which canceled all of their plans. “We were obviously disappointed that we couldn’t push an album like “Under Tension” as much as it deserved, but in this weird way, the album was there for people when they needed it during the pandemic. It became this underground loved record that really seemed to help people when they need it most, which is really why we make records,” says Rev.

Although spread out, the band stayed in constant contact and sent parts back and forth to each other. It’s a testament to their work ethic and resourcefulness which they pride themselves on.

Catch The Drowns on tour:

07/19/2022 – Koln, DE – Sonic Ballroom
07/20/2022 – Hamburg, DE – Indra
07/21/2022 – Glaubitz, DE – Back to Future Festival
07/22/2022 – Winsen, DE – Südwinsen Festival
07/23/2022 – Berlin, DE – Wild at Heart
07/24/2022 – Hannover, DE – Vereinsgaststätte SV Arminia Hannover
07/25/2022 – Bochum, DE – Trompete
07/26/2022 – Aachen, DE – Wild Rover
07/27/2022 – Karlsruhe, DE – Alte Hackerel
07/28/2022 – Zürich, CH – Dynamo
07/29/2022 – München, DE – Import / Export
07/30/2022 – Bocholt, DE – Vogelhaus
07/31/2022 – Oostmaale, BE – Klub Kmalle
08/01/2022 – Paris, FR – Paris Punk Rock Summer
08/02/2022 – Nürnberg, DE – Kantine
08/03/2022 – Leipzig, DE – Conne Island
08/04/2022 – Eisenhüttenstadt, DE – Subculture Holiday
08/05/2022 – Münster, DE – Sputnikhalle
08/06/2022 – Duffel, BE – Brakrock
08/07/2022 – Blackpool, UK – Rebellion Festival

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