The Pathetic Have Released New Video

The Pathetic - Roxy's

The Pathetic releases their debut album ‘ROXYS‘ with same titled focus single. ‘ROXYS’ tells the story of a orphan kid growing up in a hopeless brothel in 1968, Las Vegas. The whole album is inspired on the exhibition ‘ROXYS’ by Edward Kienholz. 

“Come around and join us at the ROXYS exhibition. Oppressing women and there is no compensation. Senator Williams is blindfolded in public relations. Not war, but the new sensation!” – The Pathetic in new single ROXYS. The Pathetic is a band from Utrecht, the Netherlands, that has been writing their own punkrock songs for a long time. Recently, they started the release of their debut album: ROXYS. During a writer’s camp in the first lockdown within the covid-pandemic, they wrote and recorded a collection of songs and demo’s in a remote AirBnB in Friesland. In this calm and quiet area in the Northern part of the Netherlands, they made songs that were inspired by art, news, other music and real-life events. Eventually, a collection of 8 songs was selected to narrate the story of our concept album ROXYS.The album kicks off with ‘Epi Skopos’, which is actually the end of our main character Ben Rose. The first chapter of the story starts at focus single ‘ROXYS’, which is about a brothel where everything is for sale; rape, fraud and even murder. This is a metaphor for the capitalistic society, which resulted in the early death of Ben’s mother Marlene Rose. In the songs to follow, Ben grows up in a world that’s completely strange to him. Through the story he gets more and more isolated and filled with delusions which eventually make him want to reunite with his mother.

Earlier, The Pathetic released multiple singles, which resulted in over 2k streams on Spotify and features by 3voor12, Poppunt Overijssel and multiple independent playlists. 

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