No Restraints – Stand Our Ground LP (Demons Run Amok Entertainment)

No Restraints - Stand Our Ground LP - Demons Run Amok Entertainment

Here’s another outstanding release recently sent by Demons Run Amok Entertainment. I have to admit it is the first time I am stumbling upon this band, and I am pleasantly surprised by what I am hearing. Still, No Restraints are no strangers on the global streetpunk scene. Since 2020, the band has released a couple of introductory singles, Same Streets EP, and recently unleashed another single announcing their upcoming full-length album. That particular full-length debut is what I would like to talk about a little bit more today. Stand Our Ground drops as a vinyl, CD, and digital release on April 22nd via Demons Run Amok Entertainment, and there are many reasons you should pay attention to this album.

Stand Our Ground carries twelve excellent streetpunk tunes fully stacked with aggressive shoutouts, powerful riffs, superb guitar shreds, vividly hearable basslines, and energetic rhythmic sequences. The album burst with sheer aggression, power, energy, and dynamics from scratch to finish. Also, whoever produced this material did an incredible job because there aren’t many streetpunk releases that can brag with such a crystal clear sound. You’ll hear every note and beat delivered by these musicians who, without any doubt, know how to execute some impressive streetpunk tunes. Still, their sound goes way beyond classic streetpunk sound, and there’s more than meets the eye. You’ll immediately notice that.

There are some hints of old-school streetpunk music, but No Restraints lean much more toward the contemporary sound. The band also thinks outside the box and introduces other complementary genres such as hardcore punk, melodic punk rock, and rock’n’roll. Each of these elements is moderately distributed in its tracks. Therefore, the main focus remains on contemporary streetpunk sound. No Restraints also thought about the balance and dynamics of their debut, so you’ll notice that mid-tempo and fast tunes share equal parts of this release. Because of all these beforementioned qualities, Stand Our Ground appears as a unique full-length release that comes as a bit of refreshment on the modern streetpunk scene. As I mentioned before, Stand Our Ground drops as a vinyl, CD, and digital release on April 22nd via Demons Run Amok Entertainment, so pick your preferred weapon of choice in their web store and blast it loud.

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