Hike The Peak Has Unleashed A New EP Including Members Of For I Am, Hoof, And St. Plaster

Hike The Peak - Five EP

The 5th ep from HIKE THE PEAK continues the multi country ethos of the project and concludes the first 10 songs. HIKE THE PEAK proud to add ANDY RAE from England’s HOOF, and from Belgium; FOR I AM’s HANNE TERWEDUWE and ST. PLASTER’s TIM VAN DOORN.


Those who easily dismiss HOOF as John from FAIR DO’S side project are wide of the mark…ANDY RAE’s intricate guitars alongside his melodic vocal delivery at a breakneck speed meant he was guaranteed an email from me asking him to get involved. Andy says ‘I Was happy to be asked to do some vocals and was excited by the project as I’d heard some teaser riffs that Lee had put online. Despite not jamming with Lee before I felt we were on the same page musically and knew we both loved the taste of pineapple daiquiris! Enjoyed the process of songwriting and Lee was very patient with me pushing the deadline back continually! The inspiration for the lyrics came from saying goodbye to traditions that don’t make any kind of sense in the modern world and the creation of new traditions, particularly those created by friends and family.’ Andy has tuned into his inner Russ Rankin for his song and its all the better for it!!!


Let’s not mince words HANNE TERWEDUWE from Belgian PopPunk heroes FOR I AM is one of the genres best vocalists. Don’t believe me just go and listen to their last album LATE BLOOMERS which is layered with infectious vocal harmonies. I’m not going to lie. I was absolutely thrilled when Hanne agreed to work on a track for Hike The Peak. Whilst it took some time for the diaries to align the delivery of the track was a great surprise and just the ticket to add to JO BOUMEESTERS’ submissions keeping the girls well and truly represented. Hanne says “Collaborating with people you haven’t worked with before might be tricky business, but I love it. It brings your creativity to a new level and prevents you from getting stuck in a kind of musical cycle, if that makes any sense. Working together with Lee has definitely done that for me and I’m thankful to him for it! Make sure to check out all of his releases and the amazing vocalists he’s featuring!” Not only did HANNE provide her amazing talents but contributing his backing vocals was TIM VAN DOORN who plays in ST. PLASTER and runs the studio Hanne recorded in so we’re really getting two for the price of one!

HIKE THE PEAK is a project led by NO CONTEST guitarist and Sheffield resident Lee Byatt…who during covid lockdowns started to put all his creative efforts into songwriting and recording to help with serious mental struggles. 

‘Covid lockdowns were a nightmare. I missed playing in a band. I missed gigs….im not the most social person but it made me think about how playing music is such an important part of my life and with that ripped from me I didn’t know where to go….so slowly but surely I began hiding away in my spare room playing my guitar and learning a whole clutch of programs……Now my vocal talents are back up vocals at best so I thought id contact a few of my friends that I’ve toured/played shows with in the UK and the euro mainland to see if anyone was interested in adding their superior vocal talents to the project…..the response back was massively positive’  

Each 2 track ep has been released every 6 weeks since September 2021….and now emerging from the covid lockdowns the interest from people wanting to get involved in HIKE THE PEAK has been immense. So the project will be continuing as long as people keep listening’.

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