Barbed Wire Body: Movements Share New Single

Photo by Anthony Purcella / @anthnypurcella

Southern California band MOVEMENTS follow their recent dates with Boston Manor in the UK, by sharing the brand new song “Barbed Wire Body.” Listen here.

 “Barbed Wire Body” isn’t a typical Movements song. While it boasts the angular riffing, push-and-pull sonic tension, and emotive vocals that fans have come to know and love, it also boasts a different, harder, and faster energy.  

“‘Barbed Wire Body’ is a departure from the ‘typical’ Movements song,” says vocalist Patrick Miranda. “We usually have more ebbs and flows in the dynamics of our songs. However, with this song, we really just aimed for a high energy, loud, in-your-face track that has little regard for our usual sound. We wanted to write an upbeat track with tons of energy that just felt fun and exciting. I think this song is the first of a new era of songwriting for us.”

While the track represents a sonic shift for Movements, the narrative follows “a person who seeks validation from others by way of intimacy,” according to Miranda. “However, this person remains closed off and is unwilling to let their emotional guard down for fear of being hurt. It’s the story of someone who jumps from casual relationship to casual relationship, but always leaves before they can let themselves truly be emotionally vulnerable.”

Movements formed in 2015. Following the 2016-issued EP Outgrown Things, the group further cemented its sound on the 2017 full-length debut, Feel Something. Along the way, the four-piece received acclaim from Brooklyn Vegan, AXS,Rock Sound, Kerrang!, Discovered, Upset, Culture CollideGuitar World, and more. In between packing shows worldwide, they joined forces with Alzheimer’s Association for the “Deadly Dull” video and covered “Losing My Religion” by R.E.M. for the Songs that Saved My Life compilation. 

During 2019, Movements entered the studio with longtime producer and frequent collaborator Will Yip [Title Fight, Turnover] to record No Good Left To Give, which has already clocked nearly 25 million worldwide streams and continued to rack up critical accolades.

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