Ritual Wave

Darkwave Duo Ritual Wave Return With Their New Single

Ritual Wave

Canadian-American duo, Ritual Wave, unveiled their second single and video, My Sinon March 4th. My Sin uses religious themes as a metaphor to express the psychological torment and destruction of someone willing to sacrifice everything in order to be loved. My Sin explores the dark side of obsession, control and desire. 

Ritual Wave is a collaboration between Toronto vocalist/musician Judy Karacs and San Diego musician, John Goodman. Combining old school Post-Punk with rich, melodic, Dark Wave undertones. They  draw inspiration from a wide range of personal influences including Drab Majesty, Bauhaus, The Cure, Depeche Mode, The Soft Moon and more. 

“This track was a labour of love. We wrote My Sin very quickly in 2018 but then ended up re-working, re-recording and re-editing it until we finally decided it was ready. With the lyrics and melody, I really wanted to explore how obsession impacts the human psyche. I likened these feelings to a strong religious, devotional experience. I wanted to explore the idea of having such profound faith in someone that all logic and reasoning seemed irrelevant.” – Judy Karacs

“When I originally wrote this track, I had been rediscovering my love for classic artists like The Sisters of Mercy and The Jesus and Mary Chain. At the same time, I was blown away at what artists like The Soft Moon were doing. My Sin was an homage to the past and to the influence of those newer, darker artists.” – John Goodman

Video Edited By: Judy Karacs







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