Moth To The Flame: Bobby Mahoney And The Seventh Son Release New Single

Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son
Photo by Mark Krajnak

Central New Jersey alternative rock outfit Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son has debuted “Moth To The Flame” the rambunctious first single off the 4-piece’s newly announced ‘We Go On’ EP, their first release in 4 years.

Born in the midst of the pandemic, when the world was shut down and the public was forced to separate, the recording of ‘We Go On’ ironically served to unite them. During times of uncertainty, Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son emphasize sticking together and finding meaning. The themes of camaraderie and optimistic existentialism are paramount to the EP and serve as a common thread throughout the five eclectic tunes.

The EP (set for release on April 8 via Telegraph Hill Records) takes the listener on a journey that gives meaning to the last two years. Frontman Bobby Mahoney says, “With the first track, ‘Moth To The Flame,’ it’s asking ‘why am I this way?’ and by title and closing track,’ We Go On’ it’s ‘why is everything this way?’” Though Mahoney is adamant that this is not a pandemic record, he admits, “it is obvious that the state of the world definitely had an effect on these recordings.”

Of the new single ‘Moth To The Flame,’ Mahoney says, “This song is an anthem for those living the creative life, with all the ups and downs, and it encourages others to embrace their voice/vision. We don’t have a choice in the need to create, but like everything else- it comes with the need to find balance. ‘We all want to feel the same/ Like a Moth to the Flame.’”

Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son has made a name for itself in the vibrant Asbury Park, NJ music scene, sharing the stage with the likes of Frank Turner, Against Me!, and The Gaslight Anthem, opening for Bon Jovi, and jamming with Bruce Springsteen and other notable songwiters at multiple Light Of Day Music Festivals, which benefit Parkinson’s, ALS, and PSP research.

The band will celebrate the release of the ‘We Go On’ EP with fans during a special weekend of shows at The Saint in Asbury Park, on April 8 and 9. Supporting acts will be announced shortly.

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