Love Forty Down

Love Forty Down Teamed Up With Mobina Galore On A New Single

Love Forty Down

In their new single “Flares” Love Forty Down retell the stories of different women, from everyday sexism to sexual violence. The punk band from Ulm got support from their friends from Canada: Mobina Galore.

Emerged from other bands of the scene, the combo Love Forty Down from Southern Germany exists since 2017 in the current line-up: Steffen (vocals and guitar), Niggi (vocals & drums), LöD (bass) and Dani (guitar).

Punk is political and Love Forty Down are too. They use their voices and platform as a band for political activism wherever possible. They are a member of the protest sounds network of Kein Bock Auf Nazis and part of the No Music On A Dead Planet campaign of Music Declares Emergency. Anti-fascism, environmentalism, feminism, LGBTQ rights and animal rights are at the top of their agenda and can also be found in their lyrics.

With a lot of passion and lived DIY attitude, the band released a self-titled EP in October 2018 since its formation, played partly sold-out shows in Germany, Austria and Hungary and a support show for US veterans Death By Stereo.

With their second EP Don’t Be A Stranger, due out in March 2022 on SBÄM Records, Love Forty Down are now stepping it up another two gears. For the seven tracks they got support on vocals from Vuki (Hell And Back) and Mobina Galore from Canada and worked for the production with Benedikt Hain from Outback Recordings and Mike Kalajian from Rogue Planet Mastering in New York.

“The song wasn’t supposed to get a feature, but when we thought of our friends Mobina Galore while writing the lyrics it was clear: they just had to take a part!” – say Love Forty Down.







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