Leibniz Recently Released A Debut Single

Photo by @matttookthese

Brighton, UK-based alternative rock trio Leibniz, recently released a debut single. Prove represents the sound of the band that went through many lineup changes but remained loyal to a cathartic alternative rock sound. Leibniz continuously levitates between calmy, soothing, relaxing melodies, harmonies, and chord progressions. However, the band easily transits into a more raw, abrasive, heavy sonic beast that offers colossal slabs of harmonious noise. Besides the sheer dominance of alternative rock, Leibniz explore the vast universe of nineties grunge music by including some of the main characteristics of the genre. Therefore, you may stumble upon layers of fuzz distortion on this ear-appealing journey, but the trio unquestionably fully controls these abrasive sonic aesthetics.

Photo by @matttookthese

Prove simultaneously offers mellow moments during the verses but bursts with relentless aggression during the choruses. The entire composition carries loads of sonic delicacies, presented through the wisely assembled orchestrations. This number showcases all the creativity of these three musicians, who have a lot of impressive ideas up their sleeves. Lyricwise, the band tried to express their feelings about being under pressure because of having something to prove all the time. It’s a familiar feeling we can all relate to, especially in these modern times. Prove is available for listening on all streaming services.







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