Slow Drive In A Fast Machine: Jem Doulton Released A New Single Today

Jem Doulton WIth Thurston Moore Band
Photo By  L. Orseau

Jem Doulton released a brand new single today. Slow Drive In A Fast Machine is the tenth single in a row from a series of singles launched in 2021 and the first single this year. Like previous compositions, Slow Drive In A Fast Machine promotes his upcoming album, set for release in 2022. For this particular number, Jem Doulton invited some guest musicians such as Luke Barlow on sax, Tom Relleen on bass, Sam Ayres on guitar, while Demian Castellanos is responsible for co-production and mixing. If you stumbled upon our posts about Doulton‘s music, you probably noticed his numbers differ depending on involved musicians and current mood. That’s the case with this composition as well.

Jem Doulton
Photo by Bogusia Antos

Slow Drive In A Fast Machine possesses all the best qualities of experimental tracks. It carries pleasant soundscapes, ambiances, drones, and various sonic accentuations that enhance this composition even more. Slow Drive In A Fast Machine has hypnotic moderate synth beats that are continuously present throughout the track, but they’re not overwhelming the remainder of the orchestrations. The warm-sounding basslines contribute to the massiveness of the entire composition, while the reverby guitar solos are spicing things up a little bit more. The beforementioned soundscapes, ambiances, and drones come somewhere in between. Slow Drive In A Fast Machine is cleverly assembled, and you will unquestionably hear every single detail included within the track. You can listen to Slow Drive In A Fast Machine on all streaming platforms.

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