Good News, Everyone: Captain Asshole Released A New Single Today

Captain Asshole

Good News, EveryoneCaptain Asshole are back! Good News, Everyone is also the title of the second single from their upcoming album Successfully Not Giving Up and effectively functions as its title track given that the line is lifted from the song’s pre-chorus. As a continuation of its predecessors theme it perfectly follows What An Awful Life with a slightly more positive outlook – even though the world is going to shit the band keeps their heads up and is looking at the future with cautious optimism. 

With more restrained vocals over bass chords, the song starts off a bit quieter than one is used to from Captain Asshole – but gradually develops into a driving punk banger. The punk rockers aren’t afraid to put a fair amount of pop in front of the punk and thus turn Good News, Everyone into a catchy singalong song with great earworm character.

As the de-facto title track the video for the song is closely connected to the album art. Successfully Not Giving Up can also be paraphrased as Follow Your Dreams – even if those dreams are going to space in your homemade space suit as a thirty-something.Successfully Not Giving Up will be released worldwide on April 15, 2022 via SBÄM Records and via SAY-10 Records in North America. 

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