Pylon Heights - VHS

Pylon Heights – VHS

Pylon Heights - VHS

VHS is the latest double single by Pylon Heights, a UK-based indie rock/indie pop trio. The release consists of a studio and a demo version of the same composition. This time, Pylon Heights decided to go with an entirely acoustic performance that vividly depicts the cascade of emotions after the breakup. It’s an emotionally driven love song sonically painted by excellent female lead vocals and acoustic guitar performance. This stripped-down, minimalistic, but ear-appealing sound works in advantage of the flawlessly assembled lyrics. It somehow showcases the melancholy, sadness, emptiness that life delivers after breaking up with the loved one.

Pylon Heights
Photo By Heather Reeson, Jon Sandman, Christopher Crowther

The acoustic performance contributes to the depth of the song through arpeggiated chord progressions, while the chorus sounds a bit more massive with all the strumming parts. Both versions of the song differ in sound, performance, and atmosphere. The studio version carries a slightly sharper, crispier, superbly performed acoustic performance, while the sound is unpolished, raw, warmer on the demo version. Each version provides a cathartic listening experience, but it’s up to you to decide which one you love more. One thing is for sure, VHS carries a calmy, relaxing, soothing ambiance that will unquestionably suit fans of indie rock/indie pop acoustic performances. You can check out this double single on all streaming services.





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