UK Subs

UK Subs Hit Back With New Single

UK Subs

At an age when most punk rock bands have either hung up their studded leather belts and torn jean jackets or are hitting the nostalgia circuit at the State Fair, British punk icons UK Subs keep coming back with vibrant and excellent new music to keep the old school punk rock spirit alive! Their latest, “Sensei,” is released today on all digital platforms courtesy of Cleopatra Records. The song is a full-charged blast of audio karate that shows these punk rock masters haven’t lost an ounce of attitude or chops. 

As a longtime bassist, Alvin Gibbs says, “After the COVID plague put a skewered nut in our bolt for a while there, the UK Subs are now delighted to resume normal service with a record released by our friends at Cleopatra. ‘Sensei’ is a classic Subs’ single, complete with all our patented muscular ingredients in the mix; and we’re proud to have it as our first record release of 2022!”

Stream/download Sensei HERE
Grab a 7” HERE






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