Adult Matters Unleashed A Video For Blue Car

Adult Matters

“Blue Car” is the new official video of Adult Matters, a sad love song for broken hearts in which the artist tells us all about the beginning and the fall of his relationship with a man. From walks in the woods to their first kisses in the car listening to Joni Mitchell, the song lulls us until the minimal arrangement vanishes like a love story with no future.

After a break up some dark feeling comes, maybe some sadness, directors Francesco Corti and Simone Nocchi wanted to enclose all that in one story: Luigi (aka Adult matters) is at a party where no one showed up. In a throes of desperation, he ends up eating the whole cake in an attempt to feel better. The cold atmosphere takes us straight to a David Lynch movie, the light blue suit and the red balloons remind us of a prom.

The track is off his latest album Flare Up, released on April 12th, 2021 via Coypu Records which has printed a limited edition on CD and tape already sold out. There are two other singles: My Body and The Whole World both focused on the concept of growth and self-discovery.

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