Year Of The Fist Promote Their Live 7″ With A Second Single

Oakland, California melodic punk rock quartet Year Of The Fist recently released a second single that promotes their live 7″ release. The 7″ record includes their live performance at Ivy Room (Albany, California), recorded on May 15th, 2021. This particular release is the fourth edition of the DCxPC live series. I Want Your Love showcases all the energy of this Californian punk rock group, but Year Of The Fist has a lot more to offer. Besides vividly hearable dominance of melodic punk rock sound, the group also combines some other complementary subgenres of rock. You may stumble upon nineties rock, grunge, metal, and each one of these ingredients goes perfectly with their punk rock base.

Year Of The Fist - I Want Your Love

Year Of The Fist will appeal to those fans of punk rock, who grew up listening to grungy, abrasive, garage-sounding punk rock bands who roamed the underground scene during the nineties. Still, the music of Year Of The Fist will also appeal to those listeners who’re leaning more towards contemporary punk rock sound because this band possesses something for everyone. It’s no wonder why 50% of the 7″ records have already been sold out because this live performance captures all the qualities of this band. Head over to DCxPC live or Year Of The Fist Bandcamp page and preserve your copy.

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