Fire Cult – We Die Alive 12″ EP (We Die Alive Records)

I have to admit I awaited this vinyl with anticipation. I was curious to hear how this particular band sounds alike because I like most of the underground stuff that comes from Switzerland. Somehow, I knew it would probably sound incredible, and I wasn’t wrong at all. It even exceeded my expectations to the point that I listened to this vinyl continuously since it arrived a couple of days ago, and I still spin it with the same enthusiastic expression on my face. Fire Cult is a trio from Geneva, Switzerland and We Die Alive is their outstanding debut extended play. Believe me, you will fall in love with this record as soon as you press play on your turntable.

We Die Alive contains six thoughtfully arranged punk rock songs that go far beyond the genre multiple times during the entire recording. Judging by their sound, Fire Cult draws inspiration from every possible underground genre you can imagine, and they are doing it pretty damn well. You may stumble on classic punk rock, melodic punk rock, pop-punk, garage rock, grunge, and even post-punk. Of course, the possibilities are endless, and the band is aware of it, so they take full advantage of their interests. Therefore, their music acts as a steam engine train without brakes, and it comes to the listener as a direct punch in the face. However, this is a pleasant punch that you’ll love to receive over and over again. At least, that’s the impression that I got while listening to these songs.

Perhaps the group explores all the beforementioned genres, but melodic punk rock is probably their primary weapon of choice. The other ingredients are there, but Fire Cult switches them according to the needs or mood they’re currently into at the particular moment. The band pays a lot of attention to the song structures, arrangements, accentuations, and other vital elements that define perfectly constructed songs. Fire Cult also embraces a lot of grungy and garage rock aesthetics by incorporating raw, abrasive, fuzzy, heavily distorted sound into their songs. Both guitar and bass carry generous amounts of fuzz, but still, the distortion doesn’t overwhelm the overall listening experience. The excellent drumming keeps everything even more energetic and dynamic, while the dualities between female and male vocals continuously switch during the entire EP.

Each composition differs in one way or another, but altogether these songs represent a well-defined, entertaining, energetic, compact slab of harmonious noise that will suit everyone who like perfectly executed punk rock music. Fire Cult also paid a lot of attention to the visual identity, so the gatefold vinyl comes with appropriate, eye-peeling cover artwork that perfectly follows the sonic aesthetics of the group. The front cover showcases an enlightened matchstick that attempts to light up a fuse, which goes all the way to the backside, where you’ll stumble upon a stack of dynamite and the tracklist. The light of a matchstick carries a band logo as well. Inlays include overexposed photos of the trio blended in a maroon background and the complete lyrics. We Die Alive unquestionably looks beautiful, and it represents such a neat package alongside the music. Besides the physical release, We Die Alive is also available for listening on all streaming services. The vinyl record is available directly from the band, and We Die Alive Records. Don’t miss this one!

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