The Hell Beings Unleash A Brand New Single

Brighton, UK trio The Hell Beings unleash a brand new single. Wind Your Neck represents everything you ever wanted from a piece of alternative rock music to be, but this energetic song includes even more. This creative trio bursts with experimental chord progressions, excellent riffs, and a dynamic rhythm section that keeps everything in line. The lead vocals strike right between the eyes with high-pitched chants, classic shoutouts, so this singing style perfectly suits the orchestrations presented by the remainder of the band. Still, Wind Your Neck hides many other surprises that will put a smile on the face of any true underground music fan.

The Hell Beings

Soundwise Wind Your Neck bursts with classic noise rock energy, but The Hell Beings doesn’t stop there. The trio has many things to offer from their rich sonic arsenal, and therefore, you can also expect interruptions of post-punk, punk rock, art-punk, hard rock, garage rock, grunge, and any other subgenre of rock you could think of at the moment. Even the production resembles the best years for all these genres, so Wind Your Neck is a full package you surely don’t want to miss. The single is available for listening below, and it comes on all streaming platforms on January 31st.

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