Daggerplay Combines Punk Rock, Rock’n’Roll, And Ska In Their Latest Single

Finland, Helsinki punk rock quartet Daggerplay celebrates its 10th anniversary with a brand new single named Castaway. This particular song serves as such a perfect follow-up to their critically acclaimed second album called Subterranean Reality, released independently in 2018. It’s also good to mention this is Daggerplay‘s fourth single since the beforementioned full-length material. The group continues to astonish with their thoughtfully arranged mixture consisting of punk rock energy and rock’n’roll aesthetics. The band pays a lot of attention while assembling their compositions. Therefore, you’ll mostly stumble upon energetic riffs, but there’s also a lot of melodic ambiances that serve as a nice contrast.

Daggerplay - Castaway

Besides the hearable dominance of punk rock and rock’n’roll, Daggerplay decided to include generous servings of ska music to their sound. You can hear recognizable ska chops pervading from all possible directions while the primary sound of the group remains intact. Daggerplay wisely combined their musical interests and created an ear-appealing song that contains a catchy, anthemic chorus. Castaway will indulge your listening apparatus, no matter what genre you prefer. The single is available for listening on streaming services.

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