Broken Cuffs – Broken Cuffs CD

I have to admit it has been a while since I heard something like this, and I never thought about how I missed this sound until this compact disc arrived on my doorstep. We all have different tastes in music but also have this particular thing in common. We all sometimes miss some music styles we listened to while growing up. A self-titled album by Broken Cuffs reminded me how much I missed the mid-nineties American streetpunk sound. Most of those bands who roamed the scene back then blended UK82 with old-school American hardcore, so they differ a lot from those groups who played in Britain at the same time. If you know what I am talking about, then you probably remember groups like A Global Threat, The Virus, Krum Bums, The Casualties, The Unseen, Combat Crisis, to name a few. This style was so popular back then and remained that way until maybe 2005 or so. Some groups pushed this sound to this day, but for some reason, this genre is not so popular like it used to be.

Fortunately enough, there are bands like Broken Cuffs who’re still pushing this genre forward, and their self-titled is living proof that the streetpunk scene is alive and kicking. This material carries twelve powerful compositions that contain all the vital elements of streetpunk sound. It’s a perfect blend of classic British punk rock, UK82, and old-school US hardcore, mixed up with powerful lyrics. The songs deal with global and local politics, modern society, warfare, police brutality, class wars, injustices, plus many more themes along the way. Perhaps these are some classic themes covered by so many bands in the past, but as usual, these topics are always relevant because we’re living in troubling times. Broken Cuffs are doing such an incredible job by covering all these issues through their songs, so if you loved the nineties streetpunk, you will love their tunes as well.

The amount of good ideas and powerful riffs invested in this full-length is nearly mindblowing. Broken Cuffs unquestionably know exactly what they’re doing, and that’s vividly hearable throughout the entire album. Besides guitars, Broken Cuffs pay a lot of attention to the rhythm section. The basslines are almost equally hearable from scratch to finish, which is not surprising at all, considering that streetpunk as a genre usually contains superb bass guitar sound. The ultra-fast drumming contributes a lot to the dynamics of the band, so if you’re up to the energetic, aggressive, abrasive punk rock, this self-titled full-length will be right up your alley. The album is available on compact disc directly from the band, or you can listen to it on the streaming platform if you prefer digital music. Head over to their Bandcamp page for more information about ordering a physical copy.

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