The Zone - S/T DLP - Studio 3 Recordings

The Zone – S/T DLP (Studio 3 Recordings)

If you paid close attention to our pages in the last couple of months, you probably noticed some reviews about Studio 3 Recordings releases. Each release differs in style, but they all have a lot in common, and the quality comes first on the mind. No matter if you’re listening to their indie, rock, folk punk, anti-folk, or avant-garde jazz, Studio 3 Recordings has a pair of ears to make these releases sound even better. They also share nearly the same technical details, so you may also notice that these releases were recorded or mixed by Thomas Lebioda at The Laundry Room, Studio 3 in Sheffield, UK. The Zone is the latest release by Studio 3 Recordings, and it will be such a treat for the admirers of avant-garde jazz, free-improvisation, and experimental music.

The Zone is a conceptual full-length album written and composed by Daniele Del Monaco, an Italian composer/musician who adapted this particular material for five experienced musicians. The album carries seven profoundly detailed compositions led by Del Monaco, who performs on keyboards and sound controllers. This material goes as experimental as it could possibly go. Somehow it doesn’t sound like most of the generic experimental recordings I’ve encountered in the past, and believe me, I listened to a lot of them. Thankfully, this self-titled full-length material leans towards progressive avant-garde jazz, free improvisation, experimental, but you may also stumble upon some other ingredients along the way. There are particular similarities with psychedelic rock, progressive rock, post-rock, experimental funk, cinematic ambient, and you’ll encounter these elements at some points.

Daniele Del Monaco and the remainder of the involved musicians solely focus on building the cathartic, soothing, relaxing ambiances, vividly hearable somewhere in the middle of this album. Still, the group pays attention to profoundly dynamic compositions when all the musicians showcase brilliant ideas, exceptional musicianship, and mindblowing sonic delicacies. The energetic side of their performance comes as a nice contrast to those beforementioned atmospheric numbers, but both sides have a lot in common. There’s no matter if the band aims for energetic experimental improvisations or aims for an ambient approach because you’ll notice generous servings of psychedelic/progressive melodies, harmonies, virtuosities, rhythmic acrobatics, and vocal maneuvers. Each cog in this sonic machinery is equally crucial in producing enormously dynamic music that will impress you in so many ways. The Zone will be such a treat if you’re into progressive, experimental, avant-garde music, played with so much sense for balance and composition. The album comes on double vinyl with a poster, housed in a standard vinyl packaging. Head over to the Studio 3 Recordings for more information about ordering.


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