Planeta Užasa - S/T EP

Planeta Užasa – S/T EP

Who’re Planeta Užasa, the myth, the legend, or maybe a group of musicians involved in other bands? I guess we’ll find out about it sooner or later, but for now, let’s enjoy their debut self-titled extended play. There’s something about their mysterious approach to this project that draws even more attention, but the more important thing is that this aesthetic perfectly fits their profound hardcore punk sound. Recently, this interesting trio released their debut on Geenger Records, a Croatian records label that I talked about on this page many times before. Both band and the label heavily promoted this material with a couple of singles such as Jebeno Doba and Zemlja Je Ravna Ploča. As far as I am informed, the group gathered a lot of positive critics from a regional hardcore punk community.

This debut self-titled recording carries ten uncompromising hardcore punk compositions, so maybe some hardcore purists will argue if this material is a full-length or extended play. Whatever side you choose, consider all these songs are less than a minute long, so the entire recording lasts about nine minutes or so. Still, that gives more than enough room for Planeta Užasa to let it all out and express their feelings about every possible thing you could think of at the moment. First and foremost, Planeta Užasa mocks contemporary society by sharing their observation about politics, religion, flat-earthers, global warming, ecology, the downfall of a modern man, and many other related or non-related topics. Their lyrics are often sarcastic and criticizing, but on point, and you’ll undoubtfully find out a lot of similarities with your surroundings while listening to their tunes.

Musicwise, Planeta Užasa aims for the in-your-face approach by delivering striking three or four chord progressions, heavy riffs, and loads of noise. The guitars sound gritty, dirty, abrasive, raw, and the group made them sound that way with a purpose. The bass guitar remains clean for most of the material, but you can vividly hear it from scratch to finish. The rhythm section keeps everything even more aggressive with ultra-speed hardcore punk rhythms, but you’ll also notice a continuous splashing over the cymbals. Each instrument is volumed up to the maximum, so loud consumption on enormous speakers is more than required. You’ll also enjoy lead vocals if you’re into classic hardcore punk sound. Planeta Užasa possesses all the tools of the trade to convey the messages about the world we’re living in today. Their self-titled debut is available on all streaming platforms.




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