Russ Rankin Of Good Riddance Announces A New Solo Album With The First Single And Video

Without a doubt, Russ Rankin has been one of the most influential frontmen in punk for the last 30 years. With Good Riddance and numerous other projects, he has contributed to the agenda for the punk scene worldwide. On his solo records, Rankin continues to refine his songwriting, delving into social and political topics, as well as the melancholy underpinnings of personal love and loss. With the deftness of experience and unflinching honesty, his songs seek to understand and embrace the inner turmoil of the human condition – with a fervent desire to champion the best in us. His brusque delivery, instantly recognizable by now, catalyzes advocating for social justice and animal rights, reaching far beyond the borders of the punk scene.

It has been 9 years since his last solo album – now Russ Rankin releases his new record “Come Together, Fall Apart” with SBÄM RecordsCursed Blessings, and Say-10 on 28th January 2022. Before the album, he gives us a glimpse of what to expect with his new single “Babel” to be released on 3rd November.

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