Last Point - A Broken Road

Last Point – A Broken Road CD

Last Point - A Broken Road

Recently I posted a review about A Beaten Path, a debut full-length material by Last Point, released in 2020. I was blown away by their ideas, musicianship, and energy. The group also recently released A Broken Road, a second full-length recording, which came along with A Beaten Path at the same package. For those who somehow missed my recent post, Last Point is a relatively new skate punk from Central Coast, California, formed by four experienced musicians. Seriously, these guys are not kidding at all, and they’re showcasing what they’re capable of right from the start. Therefore, I would like to talk about their second full-length a little bit more today.

The album contains ten energetic skate punk numbers performed with so much sense for balance and dynamics. A Broken Road serves as a proper continuation of their previous recording, but everything sounds even better than before. It seems that the group became faster and more melodic. The compositions are wisely structured, arranged, and the group thought about accentuations and other details even more. Besides all the beforementioned qualities, A Broken Road contains a superb sound that follows all the contemporary trends in music production. Musicwise, Last Point follows the same path like on their previous full-length, but somehow A Broken Road resonates with even more power, energy, and dynamics. The group continuously levitates between the nineties melodic punk rock and contemporary skatepunk sound. Nevertheless, this time they incorporated a bit more melodic hardcore into their tunes.

The group solely relies upon an ultrafast rhythm section and wisely composed guitar dualities. You can hear fast-paced punk rock riffs on one and thoughtfully assembled leads on the other side. Last Point showcases even more melodies, harmonies, chord progressions, catchy basslines, rhythmic maneuvers than on their previous recording. It’s nearly mindblowing how these guys managed to assemble, record, publish the album like this in less than a year. After all, all these activities are usually taking a lot of time. Especially now when we’re in the middle of a pandemic. Whatever kind of magic trick they pulled while making this material, Last Point nailed with A Broken Road in every possible way. A Broken Road comes on a compact disc, but it is also available on all digital platforms. Head over to their Bandcamp page for more information about ordering.




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