Saves The Witch Unleashes A New Single

After releasing a debut full-length Elements Of Alchemy in June of 2021, Saves The Witch returns with a brand new single named Dear Edea. The composition offers a proper continuation of the album by emitting calmy ambiances, melodies, harmonies, and themes. Still, Dear Edea contains the dosage of eerieness that pervades from beneath, but it doesn’t spoil the initial direction of the song. Like the Elements Of Alchemy, the main focus remains on brilliant ideas and exquisite musicianship delivered through multiple guitar channels. Saves The Witch solely relies upon guitars and pedalboard by applying the guitar effects to create the desired sound.

Saves The Witch

You’ll enjoy the calmy, soothing, relaxing, cathartic atmosphere, but most importantly, your listening apparatus will soak all the orchestrations performed by this creative artist. Dear Edea is one of those songs that demand repetitious listening in order to grasp all the notes, tones, and rhythmic movements. It’s a listening experience you surely don’t want to miss. Saves The Witch is a solo project of Eric Maynes, who’s responsible for all the songwriting, composing, recording, and producing. You’ll be blown away by the sheer amount of ideas invested in his music. Dear Edea is available on streaming platforms.

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