Degenerate Era Released A New Single Named Cosmonaut

Nashville, Tennesse alternative metal duo Degenerate Era recently released another brilliant single called Cosmonaut. The single serves as a proper continuation of Manic, their previous single also released in 2021. For those who’re maybe not familiar with Degenerate Era, this duo primarily explores the alternative metal aesthetics but also incorporates some other genres along the way. Besides alternative metal, you may stumble upon post-metal, post-rock, progressive rock, math rock, and cinematic ambient. These complementary subgenres of metal and rock enhance the Cosmonaut even more, while the cinematic ambient is responsible for an echoic atmosphere that is constantly present from scratch to finish.

Degenerate Era - Cosmonaut

Degenerate Era nurtures slightly sludgy guitar shreds, drenched with several guitar effects such as reverb, echo, and delay. Therefore, their sound is not overly heavy, but it strikes as a giant slab of noise when necessary. The guitars are responsible for the echoic ambiance, mainly because of the beforementioned guitar effects. The rhythm section nails with thoughtfully arranged rhythms, continuous splashing over the cymbals, various accentuations, and fills. The entire composition has a unique structure, clever arrangements and represents a bit of refreshment on the alternative metal scene. Cosmonaut is available for listening on all streaming platforms.

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