Mark Vennis & Different Place Released More In Sorrow, Including Remixes By Dennis Bovell

Mark Vennis & Different Place

Mark Vennis & Different Place unleashed a brand new single called More In Sorrow, which is also a part of a critically acclaimed full-length album Fighting On All Fronts. More In Sorrow comes with three exclusive remixes by Dennis Bovell. Each one of these singles showcases a slightly different approach, achieved through vocal enhancements, dubbing, or removing vocals from the mix and leaving it as an instrumental composition. Each version gives another perspective, but the essence of the original track is still there. Dennis Bovell left the initial ideas, song structure, and arrangements of Mark Vennis & Different Place, but somehow each version sounds unique.

More in Sorrow is a song of defiance inspired by the injustices of the Grenfell Tragedy of 2017. The thematics of this composition perfectly pair with the reggae/rock sound of the group, but besides reggae and rock, you may stumble upon some other genres as well. Still, these two elements remain vividly hearable from scratch to finish. More In Sorrow will probably remind you of the Sandinista, a fourth album by the legendary The Clash, but you’ll notice similarities with some renowned reggae artists as well. Still, Mark Vennis & Different Place keep their orchestrations as unique as possible, so you’ll solely enjoy this number and remixes. More In Sorrow is available on streaming services such as Spotify, Soundcloud, and YouTube.

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