Enraged Minority - A World To Win CD - Fire And Flames Music

Enraged Minority – A World To Win CD (Fire And Flames Music)

Here’s a slightly older release from a luxurious Fire And Flames Music catalog. As you already learned from previous reviews, this German label mainly focuses on politically charged punk rock, streetpunk, Oi!, and ska sound. Still, you may stumble upon some surprises along the way. After searching over social media and the web, I realized that A World To Win is the latest full-length recording by Enraged Minority. This German streetpunk band nurtures antifascist ideas, promotes solidarity, and fights against capitalism, fascist threats, and exploitations. The group also released a brand new single called Stickpullover, available for listening on streaming platforms. Previously, Enraged Minority released a self-titled debut album, a split release with Streets Of Rage, a live split release with legendary The Oppressed, another full-length named Antitude, then another split release with The Oppressed/The Prowlers/The Bois/Camorra, and then comes the A World To Win.

A World To Win carries twelve anthemic streetpunk numbers, entirely performed to satisfy both fans of old school and contemporary streetpunk music. Enraged Minority blends classic Oi!, rock’n’roll, and punk rock to achieve the desired sound, but it seems like there’s more than meets the eye as you dig deeper into the material. You’ll stumble on both classic and contemporary melodic punk rock, but the group also incorporates some ska and folk into their songs. Still, as you look at A World To Win as a whole, this is a compact streetpunk album that could easily stand beside some classics released by the renowned names of the genre. Besides profoundly energetic verses, Enraged Minority pays a lot of attention to choruses. Each chorus contains that anthemic vibe, mainly because of the high amounts of singalongs involved. These group chants empower their sound to the max, so you’ll enjoy their music even more.

Enraged Minority offers various guitar dualities throughout the entire album. You’ll solely enjoy how the group thought about each segment of A World To Win. The rhythm guitar delivers heavy riffs and chord progressions on one, while the lead guitar delivers various melodies, harmonies, themes, solos on the other side. The bass guitar supports these dualities with cleverly assembled basslines. These low-end tones contribute to the massive sound of the Enraged Minority but also help out to exceptional rhythm section. The rhythm section nails its performance by delivering various moderate rhythms, accentuations, and fills. The lead vocals are sometimes semi-distorted, sometimes clean, but each style perfectly fits the sonic aesthetics of the band. You should give A World To Win a try if you’re into streetpunk sound, mainly because Enraged Minority deserves your utmost attention. A World To Win comes on vinyl, compact disc, and digital. Head over to Fire And Flames Music for more detailed information about ordering.




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