Mamut Unleashed A Video For Kruna

Mamut is an alternative metal band founded in Rijeka in 2017 after the recording material for their first EP Freak Show. After several lineup changes, series of concerts, and a second EP release named Dead Idols, Mamut finished preparing the ground for its first studio album. The band released the first music video for the song Nihilist in April and is now returning with their second, latest single, Kruna, announcing the release of their debut album.

The song Crown twists the meaning of the crown as a symbol of power into a symbol of degeneration. Through this particular single, the band narrates the story about a person running in a circle, without the impossibility of getting out of the loop and descending into madness. The main feelings associated with this theme are anxiety, isolation, and doom. In addition to being the ideal representation of the sound of the entire album, this is the first song where guitarist Mamut, Borna Žderić takes on the role of a singer with his fantastic performance on choruses.

Mamut - Kruna

The lyrics for the song are signed by Borna Žderić and Ivo Jurčić, while the music by the whole band. The video was directed by Ivo Jurčić and Hana Barić, a longtime collaborator and friend of the band, who’s responsible for recording, and editing the video.

This single also announces the release of the first album called Nihilist, which will see the light of the day on October 30th via Snaga Records. The Nihilist is concerned with living in a nihilistic society and emerging from the rabbit hole of imposed values. The album was recorded in 2019 and 2020 by Borna Žderić and Miran Milić in the Palach studio in Rijeka, mixing and mastering by Alberto Bandino from the Cut Fire studio in Sardinia, and the cover design of the album by Zdravko Lovrić from Detestor Graphics.

Mammoth consists of guitarists Borna Žderić and Ivo Jurčić, and rhythm sections Nino Šafar on bass and Rok Božić behind drums.

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