Dead Dog Summer: A New Name On Croatian Hardcore Scene Shares A Debut Single

Dead Dog Summer

New Croatian band Dead Dog Summer presents their first single “A Wish (All About Me)” which announces their debut album planned for the beginning of next year.

Dead Dog Summer is a new name on the Croatian punk / hardcore scene and members of the band are Igor Bistrovic (guitar, vocals), Kreso Zerjav (bass, vocals) and Boris Strahija (drums). Members of the band has been active on the scene for over 25 years in bands like The Farewell Reason, Nikad, Senata Fox, Implicite, Youth Against and many others. The band was formed in late 2020 but the idea of a new band has been brewing in their minds for a long time so the pandemic and lockdown were a great time to spend some time and work on what they love most, making music and playing.

If we describe the music of Dead Dog Summer, it would be easiest to tell that it is post hardcore as it was played in the late 90’s and the name represents “dog heat” that has been cooking in the rehearsal room for the last year since the boys created their debut album.The band recorded the complete material in their own studio while mixing was done by Filip Sertić from Depthstudio.

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