Astoria State Debut The Suffer, The Salvage EP Featuring The First Single Named War

Astoria State’s relentless breakthrough year continues with the explosive new track “War” coming alongside the release of their hard-hitting, melody-laden debut EP, “The Suffer, The Salvage”, released 8.27.21. This release is a commanding indication that Astoria State are sure to be a staple of the rock scene for years to come and only the sky will be the limit for these emerging rockers. If you’ve been looking for something fresh that pierces through the other formulaic noise, Astoria State is what you’ve been waiting for.

Stream “The Suffer, The Salvage” HERE

The focus track of “The Suffer, The Salvage” is called “War”, a fast-paced and explosive song that dives into the chaos with a chorus that we can all sing along to. The band’s Danny Resnick says, “Musically, ‘War’ is just an explosive rock song with big choruses. The high-energy crowd response each night is a testament to the power of this song. It’s quite punchy through the choruses, but still has room to breathe in the verses as it addresses some of these deeper and more emotional subjects lyrically. The chaos and urgency of this song is really something we wanted to portray not just with the lyrics but with the music, and the whole thing just came together really well for us.” Resnick concludes, “We’re proud of this one. It’s the perfect focus track to release alongside our debut EP, The Suffer, The Salvage”.

Astoria State - The Suffer, The Salvage EP

Resnick remarks, “War is a song about a place that most of us have been. – Maybe not in the militant sense” he clarified, “but in the context of a relationship sometimes the metaphor can be the most appropriate way to describe a situation or two that a lot of people have been in” said Resnick. But the words ring true, he continues, “It’s about the moment when you realize all of this cyclical fighting is leading to an inevitable conclusion. That moment when you just can’t fake it or pretend anymore. Resnick quotes the lyrics to War – “Take me to the end, I don’t want to pretend that this is not a war. Here we go again, we’re breaking at the bend just like before, love is a ‘war’.”

Resnick explains that this acknowledgment of the end leads us through a series of realizations; “I’ve gotta let this go” – “I’ve gotta do this all over again with someone new” – “I’ve gotta learn to protect myself from this happening again” – “I need to build a wall, and I better make it tall so this doesn’t happen again”. Powerfully invoking thoughts over poetic melody-driven rock seems to be the trend in Astoria State’s writing style, as “War” is just one of the powerful songs on this debut.

“War” has been simultaneously released with Astoria State’s debut EP so eager listeners can now finally enjoy “The Suffer, The Salvage”, a 6 song release. Teeming with compelling lyrics bound by a broad tapestry of melodies that seamlessly meld to instantly memorable riffs, “The Suffer, The Salvage” presents a synchronicity that can truly only be described as Rock n’ Roll. Astoria State delves deeper to the vulnerable places with this EP in a powerfully relatable way. Perhaps this relatability explains the magnetic connection that people worldwide seem to feel for the band as they surge in to the press and playlists everywhere.

The band’s sophomore single, “Leave It To Me” was met with resounding praise, catching the attention of curators everywhere, with adds to key streaming service playlists including Spotify New Noise, All New Rock, and Loudwire Weekly Wire; Apple Music Breaking Hard Rock and New In Rock; Pandora New Rock Now and The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Radio. The band received a symphony of press coverage, in the U.S. as well as abroad with features in Broadway World, American Songwriter, All Access, Real Rock Nights, AMP, Vents Magazine, New Music Weekly, Drop The Spotlight, Screamer Magazine, Rock At Night, All Music Magazine, and many more.

“Leave It To Me” was the follow up to Astoria State’s successful debut single “Nobody Knows” that landed placements on Spotify’s New Noise, Loudwire Weekly Wire, Planet Mosh & GigSoup Rock Playlists, along with Apple Music Breaking Hard Rock and Pandora Amp Fresh Cuts Radio. They received early press accolades from Medium, Tinnitist Blog and were named a “Must-Watch Band for 2021” by Substream Magazine.

Astoria State continues their impressive advancement as they forge ahead on their national U.S. tour with RIAA Gold and Platinum certified rockers, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, performing for sold out crowds from coast to coast. Unrelenting in the 4 months since their debut single, “Nobody Knows”, Astoria State has quickly established their road-worthy work ethic, sharing stages across the country with other internationally acclaimed acts including Hawthorne Heights, We The Kings, Eyes Set To Kill, and more. The reviews are in and they are harmonious; Astoria State’s live performance is a must-see. News outlets across the nation have picked up the story on Astoria State’s meteoric entrance to the music scene all the way from The NW Florida Daily News, to the Anchorage Press in Alaska. Radio stations everywhere have also taken notice, with adds to independent terrestrial and online rotations not just across the United States, but in the U.K., Canada, Australia, and all across Europe.

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